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September 11, 2011
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Halo OC: Derrick Derwolfsmeer by WinterSpectrum Halo OC: Derrick Derwolfsmeer by WinterSpectrum
update 20/05/14

surname: Derwolsfmeer
Name: Derrick 
Birth of place: Unknown
Age: classified
blood type: A+ 
Eye's color: brown eyes/ reddish tone
Hair color: black blueish color (inheritance.)
Spartan Tag: E28 
code: E28 sp 03 12
alias: Blackbird
Rank: corporal 
Speciallity: air ranger

Derrick Derwolfsmeer is the first son of the spartan Mary Deewrwolfsmer aka Tex-D41/A53. who gave birth being a young mother, she despiter her condition raised him while his father was fighting the covenant forces.
years later when her mother was serving the UNSC as a spartan, she was classified MIA and he was devoted to the spartan proyect at a early age, but despite the facts he is a young soldier... he didn't inherited the strenght or he seems to don't have any of the skills and education of a good soldier due his temper. he has shown a tremendous dedication and a iron will in his training and very hard testing in the battlefield.
he will do everything possible for find his mother but he will not be alone in his journey.encountering allies or enemies,he will find the neccesary for know the meaning of be a true spartan....even if surviving the war will be the biggest challenge that Derrick will ever face.


Mary Derwolfsmeer (mother)
Melenie Derwolfmseer (grandmother)
Maxwell Jagdfalken (grandfather)

Roxanne Bercrof (proclaimed aunt)
Evan Bercrof (proclaimed brother)
Ian Nicodemo Wolfia (proclaimed uncle)

Cassandra J. (girlfriend, then wife *deceased*)
Amy Deerwolfsmeer (daughter)

Minerva (wife)
Hope Deerwolfsmeer (daughter)

*spoiler* (step father)
Ileas Derwolsfmeer (sister)
Felme Derwolfsmeer (half sister)
Faith Derwolfsmeer (half brother)

personallity and traits

-Derrick is very antisocial, He may be strong and smart but sometimes he can act misled or confused with what his peers do or people's manners, That's because moslty he was being raised in a facility of soldiers and spartans, he never lived the childhood of a normal child in earth. he can act very childish immature at the begging.
-he's a tallest spartan  from his group despite his age.
-he wears a tatto in the side of his neck, showing a kind of crow. 
- he uses a combat knife used by tex when she faced the first time Runa rosewald (oc by :iconbiduke:). he calls him, the "lucky lethal knife"
-Derrick is be very aggressive and has come to kill when he is overwhelmed by confusion and lack of identity, specially when he don't find the answers that he want (like the pic that he's haning a ONI soldier) .
-he's confident only with people he knows since he was young: his best friend and "dwarf brother" Evan Bercroff (Rox's son),Cass the marine (his first love), wolfia the "vagabond pilot" and a IA called daniela who calms him in the worst situations when he's in the battlefield.
-he seems to like putting nicknames to the people ('evan the dwarf', 'tomato head', 'ileas the kraken', etc)
-he likes to wear recon helmet or operator because "they are cool helmets"
-physically has some features of Tex as the blueish/black hair and eyes.
-despite his iron will and dedication. he was a very bad temper,  being a spartan  that doesn't measure his actions and consequences, even getting into serious trouble.
-due the mentioned fact. he had a lot of advisors and people watching over him.
-there are situations where he had the mentality of young children about "the humans" because he doesn't know the manners of the other recruits or people who had a "normal life" before.
- he have a huge interest for fly, this is represented as the use of the jetpack and because he is very effective when he's flying with any weapon at the hour of killing enemies:alone or accompanied, small or large .one of the reasons why he's called the Blackbird.
- Dr. Hasley describes him as a lonely crow on a leafless branch looking in the midst of destruction caused by him
- he's addict to cookies. 

:phew:...well this story took me more than the pic..i used a lot of references for create this concept and his bio (thanks to halowikia btw :P)....sorry if there's things out of place...^^;....and yeah, i invented the ONI experiment by myself :XD:, i just feel the nessessity of make a halo male OC with a "different story"...and yeah..sorry for spell mistakes too :XD:...but oh...anyway, this is the beta version of his story, there i can fix a lot of things in his bio or appearance :lol:

*my best friend helped me to choose the name :meow:, thanks Rox! :XD:

teaser:Black Bird teaser by WinterSpectrum

well, hope you like and I hope that Derrick can be accepted with the time :blowkiss:

Halo universe belongs to bungie/microsoft/343 industries etc
Spartan Derrick by me

song for inspiration:

Under cover of night- halo CE Ost…
Unknown soldier-breaking benjamin…
never forget/unforgotten-halo legends version…
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CptWRogers Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
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Cool character
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Ooh, Derrick sounds awesome. But, something tells me if Jessie and Derrick met, things could come out bad.
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interesting character but i don't think a jetpack is stealthy its pretty noisy lol
WinterSpectrum Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
thanks :).
well, jetpacks are noisy but very useful at moment of scape or kill enemies around you (with good aim of course ;P)
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Ever good artwork and cool spartan.
WinterSpectrum Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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WinterSpectrum Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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He's more gorgeous then I could ever image! :iconawwwplz:

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